Vector Vs. RasterThere are many times when I’m asked to design a business card or flyer for a company and I’ll ask for their logo, usually they send back a small JPG file of the logo. I’ll immediately tell them that this won’t work because it’s not at a high enough print resolution. Then I’ll ask “do you have your PDF or vector file?” Usually the customer have no idea what I’m talking about. This article will briefly explain the difference between a “vector” and a “raster” file.

A vector image is based on points and is scalable to any size, without any loss in image quality. A raster image is based on pixels, and has limitations as far as how large it can be sized.

A vector image is usually the format of choice for logo creation, brand identity, printing and other various design jobs. Typical vector file types include .ai, .eps, .indd and .pdf.

A Raster image is ideal for photographs and website graphics. Typical raster file types include .jpg, .png, and .gif.

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