Networking & Servers

SyrWay Tecnologies can provide you with Network Design and Implementation, including levels of redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.

We can handle all of your needs when it comes to planning, building, or upgrading your network. We can design and implement networks ranging from connecting just a few PCs to share the internet, to connecting multiple offices over wide area networks (WANs) using virtual private networks (VPNs).

Take Your Business to the next level

Setting up a network that runs quickly and reliably requires planning and careful consideration.
We can provide to our customers encrypted wireless networks, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and firewalls, as necessary.

Network Setup

Set up encrypted wireless networks
Set up Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Set up & configure the Backup systems/disaster recovery systems
Sett up and manage windows servers as needed
Set up Active directory, Domain controller, SQL servers, DNS Servers


Our experienced professionals are on your side, providing you with Network Services that can simplify doing business in Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

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You have more important things to worry about than your IT systems. Contact us today to learn how SyrWay can help take the worry out of IT. We build solutions today that meet the needs of tomorrow, resulting in a pleasant and productive experience.


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